Comodo EV SSL Multi-Domain Certificate

  • Free Site Seal: Yes
  • Browser compatibility: 99.3%
  • Wildcard enabled: No
  • Free unlimited Server Licensing
  • Validation: Extended
  • Issuance time: 1-7 Days
  • Free Reissues: Yes
  • Green Address bar: Yes
  • Installation Checker: Yes
  • Warranty: $250,000
  • SAN Information
  • 3 Domains

    Already included to standard package
  • $80.00/yr

    Price per each additional domain
  • 210

    Maximum amount of additional domains
  • Secures domain
    or subdomain
  • Can be installed on
    different IP's
  • Secures both
    with/without WWW
Extended Validation SSL Certificate

You must provide Company Documents to pass the validation

SSL Certificate description

A Comodo Multi-Domain SSL with EV will enable you to secure between 2 and 200 domain names with a Green Address Bar, eliminating the need to purchase and manage multiple certificates. Comodo is the only company that can provide coverage for up to 200 domain names with a single certificate—the next best package only covers 25 domain names—as each of the certificates comes with 3 domains and then up to 197 more can be purchased at a very low add-on price. It is possible to secure any domain or common names with this SSL certificate.

Green Address Bar Included!

Due to their high security measures, Multi-domain SSL Certificates have extended validation. They are a great option for companies with multiple domains on the same server who want maximum security, and are also the perfect fit for e-commerce sites wishing to legitimize the security of the site, garnering customer trust. The Green Bar visually notifies customers that their personal information is secure.

UCC/SAN Support
  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates

    SAN SSL certificates are Subject Alternative Name and they can also be called Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). These were developed for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server products. It is possible to secure domain names or common names with just the one certificate. This applies to external domain names and internal network names.

  • Secured Site Seal

    Let your customers know that your website is protected, and gain customer loyalty. By displaying the Secured Site Seal, you are letting users know that your website has been protected with 256 bit encryption.

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate

    Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the highest assurance certificate and is an excellent tool to reassure your visitors. The Green Address Bar which is available only with EV SSL Certificate, will immediately indicate to your visitors that the website is secured and verified.
    List of required documents to get Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

  • Supported Devices by Comodo Certificates

    Browser and devices compatibility is the most important part of SSL usage. Comodo SSL Certificates are supported by 99,9+ browsers and devices.