Content Delivery Network

3 We provide customers who make use of our OpenCart hosting with a fantastic discount on our CDN Plans, at savings of up to 80% off our regular prices, it is our most popular plan addon. Wether you are accepting customers from across the nation or from around the globe, out delivery network will drastically speed up the load time of your website. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay all make use of this type of technology to make their websites faster. Best of all this service is pre-integrated in to our OpenCart control panel, from what types of content will be delivered via CDN to intricate control settings on how your CDN service should behave. For a more detailed overview of this addon service please visit our Content Delivery Network Plans page.


Dedicated Website IP Address

3 If you want to implemnt a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on your OpenCart website you will need a dedicated IP address. We can ONLY provide you with a dedicated IP if you are implementing a SSL due to the IPv4 shortage. If you are signing up for our Bussiness Plan, the first IP is a free upgrade, for all other plans it is $3.95 per month. You can either opt to purchase your own SSL certificate online, or we can provide you one (prices from $14.95 per year). All IP provisioning is a manual process, to order an SSL certificate or activate your dedicated IP addon, please open a ticket with our support department.


Continous Data Protection

3 While most web hosting companies do not provide you with an automated, regular back-up solution for your website, we understand that your website and data is important. This is why we have an hourly database back-up and daily file system back-up running to an off-site location available on all of our OpenCart servers to ensure that if something goes wrong, you have a back-up available that is ready to go. All back-up data is archived for a 90 day period, allowing you to restore from any point in the cycle. Better yet, our daily full system back-ups are available as a self serve resource, allowing you to download or restore at your own convenience.


Support Further Development of OpenCart

3 We love OpenCart and we know you do too. It is the back-bone of your e-commerce presence and we understand that it's important to you that OpenCart remain the fantastic product that it is. WXHosting has made it simple to show your support for OpenCart by adding a monthly donation to your hosting bill, up to 10% of your base plan amount (from $1-$8 depending on your plan), you choose the amount! If you opt to donate we will double that amount at donate it to OpenCart on your behalf, helping to ensure that futher development and improvements are made.