Free Extras, Just For Hosting With Us!

OpenCart is one of the top open source e-commerce platforms available today, and one of the main things that makes it so great is the vast array of third party extensions available. At WXHosting, we are looking to provide our customers with a little extra when hosting with us, and have put together a small library of free to use extensions that can be added to your store through our one click installer. While currently the list of free extras is rather short, we will be continuing to grow the library until there is hundreds of dollars worth of extensions made available.

Admin Login Security Lockdown

admin security lockdown When dealing with E-commerce and customer data online, security is essential, more and more you here about companies getting hacked and customer data being compromised. By default, the OpenCart admin panel login screen is open for anyone to access and make login attempts. With our enhanced admin security extension you can lockout un-authorized access to the admin panel screen by displaying a '404 page not found' to un-authorized internet addresses (or ranges of addresses) making the login visible only to authorized internet addresses. Alternatively you can display a fake 404 page with a hidden password bypass screen which can be bought up by a custom key press sequence which would allow you to view the login screen from unauthorized internet locations. Additionally, if your home or office has a static (never changing) internet ip address, you can allow automated logins from those addresses to an administrative user you specify preventing the need for you to repeatedly specify your user name and password.


Time Zone Setting & Admin Order Time Display

time zone setting If your web hosting (OpenCart) isn't in the same time zone as you business you end up with a time de-sync from when OpenCart says you have received orders, to what they actually are for your business. Not only can this cause confusion with your customers, but for your accounting and order department as well.


SEO Page Titles Pack

seo page titles Adds the ability for your store to have custom page titles for products, categories, brands/manufacturers, and information pages. This modification also includes a character length indicator allowing you to easily note how many characters you have typed to provide optimial length titles for search engines.


Information Pages Extended

information pages extended Take better control over your OpenCart Information Pages and how they appear on search engines. This extension provides four additional, essential fields allowing you better SEO, adding the ability for your custom page titles, page heading, meta keywords, and meta description.