What is OpenCart ?

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce application developed by Daniel Kerr, who later registered an official company OpenCart Limited.

OpenCart has taken the e-commerce world by storm ever since the launch of its first public beta in August of 2007. Now years later, OpenCart is one of the leading open source e-commerce applications on the internet. You can learn more about OpenCart on the official website.


I already have an OpenCart store with hosting, can it be moved to your service ?

Absolutely, OpenCart on Optimized Shared Hosting Although many competitors offer hosting for OpenCart, you'll find that the performance from host to host varies significantly. This is because OpenCart is a fairly heavy-duty PHP application requiring fast disk-seek reads and quick MySQL transactions in order to achieve any kind of optimal performance.

Our research shows that approximately 90% of hosting companies lack the hardware and the optimized environment necessary to run OpenCart with optimal performance. Even on a competitor's VPS, VDS, or physical Dedicated Server, you'll find that the fast speeds you expect are missing.

Now, OpenCart Hosting on WXHosting!
WXHosting provides the fastest and the quickest page loads for OpenCart! We will simply outperform any competitor out on the market. If not, simply send an email to sales@wxhosting.com with a detailed description regarding our competition. Once reviewed and verified, we will grant you FREE OpenCart hosting until we can outperform your competitor's hosting.

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