Optimized MySQL & Up To 99% Reduction In Database Calls

The larger the your catalog, the more you will benefit from our custom written optimizations to reduce MySQL database calls normally required in OpenCart to generate a page. Add that to the fact that our MySQL server has been optimized exclusively for OpenCart, and that it is backed by a RAID 10 SSD based storage array and the remaining queries are executed in less than one thousandth of a second.


Maximized Google Page Speed Scores

Through various methods, starting with optimized server settings, and leading into code customization, you can benefit from up to 200% increase in your Google Page Speed score. By implementing Google Page Speed best practices, which result in faster page loading, and render faster in your customer’s browser; your Google search engine results is increased. Typically an OpenCart installation will rank anywhere from 33-50 (out of 100) on Google’s Page Speed Score, depending on the template used and server settings; our optimizations have resulted in Page Speed Scores of up to 97!


Content Caching Rule Declarations

Pre-stated rules on how content caching should occur which allow your website visitors to not have to re-load page content that they have already downloaded on subsequent page views, making use of their browser cache instead. Depending on the theme you are using this can mean a reduction anywhere from 60 to 100 requests to verify content that a visitor browsing your website has already downloaded.


In Memory Caching with APC

OpenCart has developed some great caching over the years. OpenCart will normally store frequently used requested information into a file caching system, but we've made it even better. Not only have we extended what OpenCart caches, we've re-engineered that system to cache that data into RAM memory so that it's instantly available when OpenCart needs it.


Advanced Page Caching Technology

Built exclusively for OpenCart, our page caching technology will serve pre-rendered pages to your website visitors whenever possible. This means that little-to-no work is required to serve a page to your customer, resulting in nearly instantaneous page loads.


Over 50% Reduction in File System Reads

At WXHosting we are all about delivering the best possible OpenCart experience available; one of the ways we can stand behind our promises is by customizing and optimizing our systems. One of the most recent code optimization benefits we have added is a 50% reduction to the required file system operations.


OpCode Caching via APC

OpenCart is built in a web scripting language known as 'PHP', which is plain readable text instead of machine code language. When a page is requested this PHP has to be converted to machine language before OpenCart can start working. We have employed OpCode caching so that the converted 'machine language' or 'compiled PHP' is saved and re-used instead of being compiled for each visitor.


Reduced Page Website Footprint

Our server will minify, combine, compress, and cache all of your CSS & JavaScript files into two requests (one for CSS, one for JavaScript). Furthermore, the cache is stored in a pre-compressed format for fast and efficient server requests. Testing done on default installations of the OpenCart home page show that this module reduces bandwidth used for your home page load times CSS and JavaScript by 75.72%, from 409KB to 109KB. It also reduces the number of related requests from 14 to 2. To simplify: imagine having to place 14 phone calls and be on the phone for 4 minutes and 9 seconds, plus the time it took you to place those 14 calls - versus making 2 phone calls and being on the phone for 1 minute and 9 seconds.


Global Content Delivery Network

Make your website faster around the world by adding our CDN service to your hosting order. Offload all the 'big stuff' to be cached on our delivery servers around the world (big companies like Amazon, eBay, and Google all deploy this technology). When bundled with our OpenCart hosting services it is extremely affordable, from just $4.95 per month. Learn more about our CDN network in Addons.


Thoroughly Tested Technology

The technologies we employ have been tested on hundreds of OpenCart stores, running a great variety of templates. Our web hosting is truly optimized for OpenCart and will work for your store. If any customization is needed, our OpenCart Support Staff will be there to help get you up and running.

The vast majority of the features listed above can all be controlled with your 'WXHosting Panel' within OpenCart, giving you full control of your website and hosting features.

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