CDN Edge Now Live In Frankfurt, Germany

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At WX Hosting we know that every millisecond counts. We're happy to announce that we've expanded our network with an additional point of presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. Due to this upgrade, all web traffic nearest Frankfurt, Germany will be served faster. Currently, if you're already making use of our content delivery network this will be made available to your account automatically, at no additional cost. Using performance tools from Catchpoint, there was a measured 21-85% improvement on Webpage Response Time.

ISP/City Before After Improvement
KPN (Berlin) 259ms 155ms -104ms (40%)
DTAG (Frankfurt) 31ms 10ms -21ms (68%)
Telia (Frankfurt) 33ms 5ms -28ms (85%)
Vodafone (Hamburg) 58ms 46ms -12ms (21%)
Level 3 (Munich) 128ms 88ms -40ms (31%)
SFR (Paris) 92ms 43ms -49ms (53%)
Level 3 (Zurich) 84ms 44ms -40ms (48%)

With another Catchpoint test, we saw our average improve on the following metrics:
Avg Connect: -3.54ms (18% Improvement)
Avg Wait: -16.6ms (43% Improvement)
Avg Load: -3.84 (14% Improvement)

Last update: February 17, 2014


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